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Mystery Hunt Index now has hunt and author pages [Apr. 23rd, 2016|09:47 pm]
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This isn't the update many of you are expecting. I'll be adding the 2016 hunt next. Instead, this is the update that no less than three people have asked me about since last hunt, despite me not really advertising it. The hunt index has been updated to include separate pages for each hunt, listing just the puzzles in that hunt, and for each author, listing the puzzles that author constructed (or is otherwise credited for). There is also a feature, which has been live for several weeks, where there is now a feedback link on every page, allowing you to contribute corrections, suggestions for keywords, or whatever.

And no, I am not, at the present time, making accounts or turning these author pages into personal profiles. If something is wrong, let me know.

Now of course, every time we add more data, this means we have to clean up all the old junk we discover was wrong.There are probably still errors in the data that I hope people will tell me about, but here's the manual cleanup I did.

First off, now that we have an author index, we have to sort that index. Authors were never sorted before; I tried to keep them in the order they are credited within individual puzzles. So I started with a sorting order where I took the last word to be the surname, and then corrected that by putting it back in the original order for several hunt teams and two bands who are credited in certain puzzles, and to put Da or De at the start of a few names. Then I discovered a few names that were just wrong:

  • Davids Farhi, also "Benjamin" credited on the same puzzle. This one was credited as "Davids Farhi and Benjamin" in the puzzle and I didn't notice when I was entering puzzles that it was referring to two people named David.

  • Alan Deckelbaum;Anthony Lu: semicolon instead of the comma separator I was using in the old system led two people to be run together.

  • Ludwig Schmidt and Freddie Manners: Here "and" was not converted to a comma.

  • and David Turner: Here it was an "and" that just didn't get deleted.

And then there are the people who were credited different ways on different puzzles. Most of these actually appear within the same hunt. In some cases I have had to guess here, and in many cases I have had to take a preferred name based merely on which version appeared more recently or more often, and there are probably more of these I missed. Again, if any of these are actually distinct people, or if you'd like to be credited in a way other than the one to the right of the arrow, let me know:

  • Matt Cain -> Matthew S. Cain

  • James Clark -> Jamie Clark

  • Jeff Cohen -> Jeffrey Steven Cohen

  • Jenn Cunningham -> Jennifer Cunningham

  • Noam Elkies -> Noam D. Elkies

  • Miriam Gershonson -> Miriam Gershenson

  • Susie Glass -> Susan Glass

  • Mark Gottlieb -> Mark L. Gottlieb

  • Halftime -> Matt "halftime" Peairs

  • Christina "Riv" Hawkes -> Christina Hawkes

  • Mike Korn -> Michael Korn

  • Elizabeth Krueger -> Elizabeth Kreuger (not sure which spelling is actually correct)

  • Steve Krueger -> Steve Kreuger

  • Roger Hanna -> Roger Hanna Morash (this is alphabetized in the Ms; if this is a double surname, please let me know)

  • Roger Morash -> Roger Hanna Morash

  • Mike Pihulic -> Michael Pihulic

  • Dave Poland -> David Poland

  • Pweaver -> Paul Weaver

  • Karen E. Robinson -> Karen Robinson

  • David Rolnick -> Davie Rolnick

  • Dave Savitt -> David Savitt

  • Atlas Shrugged -> Alice Shrugged (in the Alice hunt, of course)

  • Sasen -> Sasen Cain

  • Sanghamitra Sen -> Sasen Cain

  • Jon Sheffi -> Jonathan Sheffi

Updated to include the changes from the comments, and also David Savitt requested that he be listed that way and not Dave.
More updates: Merged Dan Zaharopol and Daniel Zaharopol, Eleanor Pritchard and Nori Prtichard.

[User Picture]From: rikchik
2016-04-24 07:30 pm (UTC)
For convenience: All Hunts, All Authors.
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